Tell us about your business.

We are a brother-sister duo that owns and runs The Two Oh Three. We sell Connecticut themed merchandise to rock our state pride. Our products are designed to celebrate Connecticut and embody the lifestyle of the community. We are so proud to be part of this community and we keep everything from design to printing in Connecticut.

How and why did you start your business?

We launched right before the summer of 2014. It was actually more of an accident than a planned thing. We wanted gear that would help us show how much we loved Connecticut, but we couldn’t really find anything out there. So we started out by making this gear for ourselves, family, and friends. We got really good feedback from it, and everyone seemed to really love what we were doing so we decided to participate in a pop up shop in Fairfield. That was an amazing experience because at the time all we had was really just tanks and t-shirts and we nearly sold out of everything we had! From there we started going up and down the coast of Connecticut to connect with other businesses, be part of events, and have our own pop up shops.

How has coworkers at B:Hive helped your business?

Everyone that works here, from staff to community, are really amazing people that make us feel extremely supported. It is this really cool feeling to come to a place where everyone is rooting for you and just wants to see you succeed. We also love how diverse the community is here. We come from marketing backgrounds ourselves, but there are members that have so much more experience in that field. So when we need to bounce ideas around it is so cool that those members who have the experience already, like Joseph (Jaffe), to be open to talking it out with us.

What’s next?

This season we are focusing on growing products and getting more online with social. A big part of The Two Oh Three is that we really want to help other Connecticut companies grow too and we want to help them. So we really try to partner up with local places to host events and get their name out there with our social media pages. Last year we did an event called Alive at Five. It was so much fun and we loved that we could help bring people to an event because they trust our brand. That’s really what we want…to show other businesses that we a brand that gives people the best experience possible so that we can all work together.